Aerial Mapping 101

Drones are gaining popularity by the minute, these days. From younger kids flying them around the neighborhood, to gorgeous and potentially illegal aerial shots of national parks, drones are starting to become ubiquitous in the recreational realm. However, companies small and large have taken notice of the potential commercial benefits of drones.

Drone Mapping

What is mapping? Mapping is a simple way to gather data using drones. Most often used for real estate properties, and by environmental companies currently–drone mapping is still somewhat of an untapped research tool. Drone inspection or aerial data collection is derived from aerial video and photography. However, new sensors are being developed every year allowing more engineering firms to utilize this new technology for safer and economical inspections. Flying over beautiful landscapes capturing gorgeous pictures has been the norm for drone enthusiasts since inception. Inevitably, a drone pilot flew over a highway, a construction site, or a site of geographic interest and mapping by way of a drone was born!

Benefits of Drone Inspection

Whether you’re inspecting a new real estate property or the remains of an old one, it’s imperative to gather data quickly and accurately. Keeping costs low is beneficial to both the company and the customer. By mapping the site with a drone, you’ll find the inspection to be quick, safe and resulting in high resolution aerial views in just a few minutes. Mapping utilizing drones is a much safer, time saving inspection tool, that will yield better, more high-quality results than previous methods.

Hire a professional

Drone mapping is a great investment of your money and time–mostly because of the quick results. But this new technology does not necessarily mean everyone should go out and attempt to do their own commercial inspecting. Drones are user friendly, but there are a lot of FAA rules, and some local laws that need to be well understood. Flying a drone for commercial purposes should be left to the professionals. By not hiring a professional, you run the risk of property damage, or expensive legal action if just one mistake is made. Trust the pros to get you the data you need.

Drone Popularity

Drones are no longer just a toy your neighbor got for Christmas. Drones have become a very powerful tool for the commercial sector. Whether you work in construction, real estate, insurance, geo mapping, or environmental services, using drones for data mapping and inspection is the way of the future. Drones can offer incredible 4k aerial footage in a fraction of the time normally spent mapping, and deliver the data back to your laptop almost immediately. There are myriad uses for drones, so make sure you and your company are utilizing these aerial vehicles to their fullest potential, and not just on the weekends for fun.