With the holidays now over and the new year starting, there are a new wave of drones being flown at any given time in the sky right above you. Thousands of novices, hobbyists, enthusiasts and commercial operators are now in control of motorized crafts with advanced cameras, stabilizers, tablets and more.

So this begs the question, “Can’t I just hire our friend’s kid to take a few aerial pics of my office building or real estate listing?” Of course you can, but you may be surprised to hear about the pitfalls of that decision. The FAA views and treats remote pilots in the same strict light as manned aircraft pilots.

FAA Certified
When hiring a non-commercial pilot, you are running a risk of damaging property, health of people around you, or even ending up on the evening news! All it takes is one pilot error or system malfunction. (You are also running the risk of a very hefty fine.) To avoid this, the FAA has granted commercial licenses to qualified operators who meet the requirements and have taken the necessary assessments.

After all, you wouldn’t hire a carpenter hobbyist to to perform extensive masonry work on your home.

So… when hiring a drone pilot for your next project, make sure they are FAA certified, are insured and have a clear flight plan for your given shoot. If you have any questions about our licensed operators or want to know more about our flight procedures, please contact us!